Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Today is Global Oneness Day

"Could changing just one belief put an end to war, eradicate poverty, save the environment, create genuine community, show us who we really are, make us happy, free us from selfishness, let us love our enemies, wake us up to the miracle of this moment, create a world of wonderful new possibilities and transform life into the exquisite celebration of existence we all long for it to be?”  
Author and philosopher - Timothy Freke

Today is Global Oneness Day.   Humanity’s Team declared 24 October 2010 as the first Global Oneness Day – a day intended to inspire awareness, appreciation and celebration of life’s underlying Oneness, that we believe all of life is connected, in the same way that Earth Day is intended to inspire awareness, appreciation and celebration of the earth’s natural environment.  And like Earth Day, Global Oneness Day invites people to bring Oneness into their lives in practical ways, not just conceptually.
Practical demonstrations of Oneness will give people tangible, experiential proof that living in Oneness works.  This will, in turn, encourage us all to expand our hopes, beliefs and behaviors so that, a generation from now, humanity will finally realize a dream it has had since time immemorial of a world living in peace, harmony and happiness.

Humanity’s Team as a Civil Rights Movement for the Soul calls for a New Spirituality to emerge in the world.   As such, Humanity’s Team is the vehicle through which the citizens of the world can participate in reclaiming their civil right to unique and personal expression and experience of the divine.
Through Humanity’s Team, the citizens of the world can participate in sending a message to the world that we are renewing and restoring our connection with God, life, and one-another.  As such, Humanity’s Team is a leading spokes-movement of the world for the message of Oneness.   We believe that the problems of the world are not political, economical, social, but Spiritual, and that the citizens of the world have a choice to re-write its history to become one that is reflective of the Spirit of Oneness.
Humanity’s Team believes that this is an important time to be alive. It is a time where life as we knew it no longer “is”, and life as we will know it “is not yet”. Life on the planet needs changing, now, in important ways. More than it has in a very long time.
Not only are we entering a new era, but a new experience – we are Awakening to Oneness.

Awakening the World to Oneness
Because mankind has over the years tried in so many ways to create a better world without making real impact, we may have become less and less confident that a solution to our problems really exists; we do not believe that true transformation is really possible, and we believe that we are only setting ourselves up for greater disappointment.
Mankind needs a single pivotal idea that can move the world; a radical idea that undermines our assumptions about who we are and what life is.
This pivotal idea is that We Are All One.
If these ideas resonate with your own, Humanity’s Team invites you to join them to Awaken the World to Oneness!

So head over to the Registration page: 
Listen to all the wonderful evolutionaries who are speaking as I write and leave a comment at the bottom of the Sessions page.  Replays will be available after 24 hours.
"I believe all suffering is caused by ignorance. People inflict pain on others in the selfish pursuit of their happiness or satisfaction. Yet true happiness comes from a sense of peace and contentment, which in turn must be achieved through the cultivation of altruism, of love and compassion, and elimination of ignorance, selfishness, and greed."
Dalai Lama


  1. What a beautiful day:-) We are one. As I love myself and see myself through your eyes, shifts occur, healing is among us.

    1. Thanks Dana that message was so awesome xxx

  2. So beautiful.. and the answer to Timothy Freke's question is YES!

    1. It is so amazing to hear so many people taking responsibility for change - replays are now available if you click on the picture to the right - a couple are really worth listening to xxx