Sunday, 14 October 2012

How to stay motivated

“I attract to my life whatever I give Attention, Energy and Focus to.
Whether wanted or unwanted”
Michael Losier

Whether you believe in the law of attraction or not, it is good to have some sort of plan of action either in the form of short or long-term goals.  As a recovering alcoholic, living one day at a time, I prefer to have a vision board of where I would like to be one day.  In either case, you need to keep yourself motivated to work towards what your dreams are.

Create your day
On awakening, plan your day over your first cup of tea or coffee.  To have a plan of action, makes life a little less stressful.  Check your calendar for any events that have been recorded.  Prioritize your work in the order of difficult to easier tasks.  As the day progresses, you will find you have less energy to concentrate on the complicated matters. 
Inspire yourself
Surround yourself with images of your dreams or goals.  You can either have a picture on your wall or a screensaver on your computer of something that inspires you to move forward.   I love to use quotations to keep me in a positive mindset. 
Think positively
As you go about your day, do not let negative thinking take a hold of you.  If you find yourself in a negative state of mind, realize whatever it is that is bothering you, deal with it and let it go.  Replace that thought with a more positive one.  Step up your energy field from a negative state of blame and doubt to a positive state of happiness and contentment.  Remember that your thoughts determine your actions – so get excited about what you are doing.
Watch your attitude
We all have things to do during the course of the day that we do not enjoy doing.  Showing an attitude of gratitude helps you get through this.  If it is the dishes you don’t like to wash - be thankful that you have food to put on the plates, the clothes that need ironing – be thankful that you have clothes to wear, work – be thankful you have an opportunity to earn money and so the list goes on.  If you find yourself getting into a state of self-pity, write down ten things you should be grateful for.  There is more likely a lot more and remember those that are far worse off than you.
While you are working, visualize your goals and dreams.  Remind yourself that whatever you are doing will be rewarded in the near future or long-term.  When you look at your vision board imagine to yourself that you already have it or that this is already who you are. 
Look back on the day’s work.  If it has moved you one step further toward where or who you want to be, acknowledge that the law of attraction or the powers of the Universe are working in your life. Some people like to keep a journal or evidence log.  Some people like to do a daily review.  If you find that something has not been, diarize it for the next day or another time depending on the urgency of the task.  Take time out to relax and thank your Higher Power for another Inspiring day.

“Everything is perfect in the Universe – even your desire to improve it”
Wayne Dyer


  1. Very good and inspirational post. I have actually spent this morning prioritizing. Two things I also do is to have a notebook handy and all those thoughts that are not relevant at the moment, I write down, so I can deal with it later when the time is right for it. These thoughts are not necessarily bad thoughts, it could be good ideas but not relevant at that moment and therefore can cause me to sidetrack. The other thing I do is to make a stop-doing-list. This takes things off the table that should not have been there and is motivating because you have actually accomplished something by removing the irrelevant. Thanks, awesome post.

  2. Thanks Retha - that notebook is so good to have as well, especially when you are away from your desk and need to write down an idea or inspiration. I normally keep one in my handbag. Long time no see - hope all is well with you xxx

  3. This is a fabulous list, Sara. So many great mechanisms to help us create the life we want! I'm totally there with you. Really needed to read this today after a couple of days wrestling with inertia and feeling out of sorts.