Wednesday, 19 September 2012

A Virus In The Challenge?

“With ordinary talent and extraordinary perseverance, all things are attainable”
Thomas Foxwell Buxton


Day 8  
Set up Twitter alert
The Twitter alert still is not working but a few of the bloggers in the challenge are having the same problem.  Steve Eason from Ingenious Internet Income posted about Twitter – so I asked him if he could write an article about setting this up.

Day 9
Write an opinion post
This has been done – my opinion on a post written by another blogger. Achoo!

Day 12
Check the mobility on a cell phone
I checked this on my Blackberry and no problems. 

Day 13
Check the profile links again
I had link problems to my profile but since then I removed it and have replaced it with my Ezine Article profile.  I ran brokenlinkchecker again and it came up with the same results as my last article (achoo) - I presume it is picking this up from the article itself – so I am quite happy.


Day 14
Put a reader in the spotlight
I sent Retha Groenewald a bunch of questions to answer about her blog and her new book she has written as we are the only two bloggers in the challenge from South Africa –it was great fun and I would like to do it again sometime.   Achoo!

Day 15
Write a link post
I included links for the first time in my post on Day 14 – so easy – why did I not know how to do this before – I guess that is what the challenge is about!

Day 16
Develop a plan to boost your blog’s profile and readership online
I started work this week so I have to be careful with where I spend my time in building up my readership.  These are the points I have noted:
Most of my readers, besides the blog challenge, are in forums and on addiction sites which I have been a member of long before the challenge but do not spend enough time on these getting involved and leaving my blog’s url as a link.
To keep my readers interested in my blog, I have to write more regular posts on my topics.  This will change after the challenge and if I sign up for the Ultimate Blog Challenge in October.
It must pick out the blogs that suit my theme and stick to following them only.

Day 17
Promote a blog post
I had been a member of Ezine Articles before I started my blog.  So I have submitted a couple of newer posts for review and will continue to do so if they meet the requirements of the Ezine Articles regulations – basically keyword optimised and very little external content.
I also promoted two posts of other bloggers in the challenge with my article on “September is recovery month”, highlighting Wold Suicide Day and 9/11.  Achoo!

Day 18
Analyze a top blog in your niche
I do not know of any personal blogs in my niche so I analysed an article from a blogger on the addictions website “The Fix”.  Achoo!

Day 19
Ask a question
I covered this with my blog post for Day 14 – interviewing a blogger!

Day 20
Take a trip to the mall and improve your blog
Although the country is in an economic mess, people still have money – but the majority of the people are buying necessities such as groceries.  Most of them go for the specials advertised to save money.  There are still others that buy clothes and electronics and payment with a credit card seems to be the norm in these shops.  The parking lot is made up of all ranges of vehicles but most of them occupying the cheaper outside parking rather than the undercover.
One thing I did notice in our mall is there is a map of where all the shops are, divided up into the types of shops.  So I decided to put up labels on my blog and tag the posts accordingly – this gives the reader an idea of what they would like to read about.

Day 21
Solve a reader’s problem
Most of the problems the bloggers ask about has to do with technical difficulties – including me!   I did suggest a poem for Alan Miles for his picture and I did try and give some advice to Keith Addison who was having a difficult time – these were all done in the comments sections of their posts.  Otherwise I try to read most of the posts on a daily basis and will make suggestions where I can.

Day 22
Say “Hey” to a blog reader / Email a blog reader
I have noticed that not many people are posting at the moment but where I can, I leave a comment on their post if I feel I am qualified enough to do so in their niche.  Otherwise I do communicate often on the Facebook page with other bloggers and try to encourage them.  I so this on the other Facebook page, The Ultimate Blog Challenge, too as they are still my readers – I hope!
Retha Groenewald also asked me to answer some questions for a guest post – so that was great fun and I thank her very much.

Day 23 
Leave comments on other blogs
This has been covered in Day 22.  I read a blog post that I did not agree with, no names mentioned, and I did write my opinion post in Day 9 in response to this. The blogger in question left a long comment on my post – clearly she was not ready to take any suggestions!  Achoo!

Day 27
Create a sneeze page for your blog
Well this is it hahaha!  I have been sneezing all over the place – great idea too!

Day 24 – Advice columnist for a day
Day 25 – That’s not our policy
Day 26 – Look over their shoulder
A wee bit behind!
And one more week to go!

“Never, never, never give up!”
Winston Churchill

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  1. Looks like you're making good progress on your challenge; good for you! I'd never heard the phrase "sneeze page", so I had to go look that up. Interesting idea.